Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finished demo album

I finished my first demo album about 2 weeks ago. I tried posting it, but i'm stilling running off a modem from the stone age (wuhoo 56k!!!!). The demo contains 8 songs which sound absolutely dreadfull! I was going to post this album, but decided to work out a few kinks in the recording process. I'm trying to work really hard to get this demo togather. Since recording the first 8 I have composed an addition 5 that have yet to be recorded. The music ranges across pretty much all genres, but has a heavy influence in christian contemporary. The album seems like it's becoming an expression of where my life is currently at and where's it's been. It will take a little while for me to get the new songs recorded (especially since i got the flu). For now, I will post the lyrics and chords.

"Down in the Bottom"
Key of C
Verse: Am, F, G, (E optional)
Chorus: Am, F, Am, E, Am

Down in the bottom of every bottle
I looked for salvation in a glass jar
only to find the worst kind of nightmares
only to find the monster is alive

I went down, down to the stickyard
To stick myself with some happiness
Only to find happines was a lie
Only to find Shattered hearts on the ground

I hitched a ride up to cloud number nine
Trying to become completely numb
Only to find the devil on cloud nine
Only to find pain of the worst kind

I hate myself, When i'm high
I've lost all love when i'm high
I hate myself, When i'm high
I've lost all love when i'm high

"Hey Lady"
Verse - G,C,D
Chorus - A,B,D

Well Butterflies do sputter
And angels wings do flutter
The streets of heaven are paved in Gold
And my love for you won't grow cold

I've been to far away lands of make believe
I've been in holes so deep no sunlight to see
All the time thinking about my baby and me

Well if she was a mermaid
I'd search the ocean's, the ocean's blue
untill i find that precious jewel

My babies lips are like scarlet ribbons
How lovely they are when she speaks
Her cheeks glow, behind her veil, on our wedding day

Hey lady, won't your be mine tonight
Hey lady, won't you hold my hand tight
Hey lady, won't your be mine tonight
Hey lady, won't you hold my hand tight

"Did a real bad thing"
A-D-A-E twelve bar blues

I did a real bad thing
I did a real bad thing
I did a real bad thing
and now they wanna throw away the key

I won't let them
I won't let them
I won't let them get me down
Even though i'm in an 8 by 11

Even behind
Even behind
Even behind these stone cold walls i'm free

I've been down in a hole
I've been down in a hole
I've been down in a hole
But the sunlight I can still see

I won't frown
I won't frown
I won't frown
Even though the cuffs are on me

"Fade away"
Piano progression starting at E

Intro with chorus

My heart cries
So many fade away
fade away but not forgotton
The memories left are like scars

Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever be
caught up in eternity
will we ever meet again
will i see you up there in heaven

If i could i would fix the past
I would mend your broken heart
but now i can only pick up the pieces
the pieces of my shattered heart on the ground

if i could touch you just one more time
i'd hug you and kiss you and never let you go
if i could tell you just one more thing
i'd tell you i love you and i'll see you soon

"Christ is my Lord"
Verse: Am,Dm,Am,Em
Chorus: F,G,Am

Although I walk in the vally of darkness
no evil shall touch my soul
I'm given the power over the grave

Although the devil seeks to kill
I escape with the Lord
By my side

The Lord's fire is in my heart
I shall fight with all my might
Untill my Savior returns

The Lord knocks down the enemies walls
He sets the captives free at last
The Lord rescuses me

The Lord shatters the chains that bind
He gives sight to the blind
He saves me

Christ rose from the dead
He will raise me
I will walk with the Lord
Jesus my God and King

"I love to worship you"
Chorus - Am, C, G,D
Verse - ?

I looked to the sky
and saw you standing
on the mountain of zion

There's thunder in your voice
There's power in your blood
you are the Lord my God and King

You came in power
You came in peace
The lamb of God who was slain for me

You forgive my sins
You wash me clean
And all i've done is believe in you

I love to worship you
I long to worship you
I want to worship you

Verse - Dsus, Asus, GaddD
Chorus - Dsus, F, C, GaddD

I lift my voice to you
Join with the angels
sing prais to my king

Your throne is in heaven
you shine just like the sun
and still you came down to save me

Your lift me up from death
breath into me new life
and you give me shelter in your arms

May your word be on my lips
And may I worship you forever
Oh King of the new heaven and earth


"When it's all over"
Chorus (E/A, B,D......)
Verse (A........)

Listen to the wind blow
listen to your heart beat
the storm's on the horizon

the waves are starting to tower
they crash down on this deck
will you abbandon ship

the demon's in the darkness
shouting in the blackness
will you defeat him

will you turn your back
on the father
or will you love him

Can you find shelter
Can you find refuge
What can you do
When it's all over

"Raise your voice"
Verse - A,D,B,D
Chorus - A,D,B

Raise your voice
and shout to the Lord
He is the only one
Who saves your mortal soul

There's thunder in His voice
There's power in his blood
There's victory in his Word
That's given unto me

He died on the cross
And rose from the grave
in only three days
He saved my soul

I bow before the throne
of the living King
And worshil the Lord
For eternity

Shout aloud
Lift your voice
Priase the Lord

Verse - Am, Dm, G
Chorus - Bm, Em, Am, Dm

Standing on the outside
All the pretty faces
Where did I go wrong

Is there any redemption
for the things i've done
for this stone cold heart

The lamb was slain for me
I don't deserve this
so, Why'd you take my shame

I crucified your
and still you saved me
Why do you even care

Standing before the gates of hell
I deserve to die this death
still you reached down and picked me up

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